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NINJABAO is one of the best eateries that present the Asian cuisines in Philadelphia. Here, you will want to visit for your lunch or after finishing your tiring workday for the delicious and healthy food. Our well edited menu is the unique factor that will make you come again and again. Our carefully selected fresh and high-quality raw material and ingredients are the secret to our success. Selecting from the fresh of vegetables to that of locally-sourced fresh meat, there is everything that makes our dishes authentic and tasty. Our aim is to provide fresh and tasty food to our customers and for this, product sourcing is limited. This means that what is bought one day is used completely so that there are no chance of left-over ingredients. What can be asked for more!

Our dishes taste like homemade and you will find that love and passion as well that makes the feeling quadrupled. The atmosphere, the ambiance, the menu and freshly sourced ingredients are a combo that brings in big results.



Our Bao certainly lives up to its name. Our Bao is handmade with lots of passion and love in our kitchen by using wheat flour to make a pillow-like cloud. Our inspiration in preparing Bao is Taiwanese cooking which is that cuisine that has taken influences from China, Japan and also from Netherlands and Spain.


Our Pot-Sticker is the best in town and is a recreation of delicious Japanese dumplings. Filled with grounded meat and vegetables. this signature dish will surely win your heart off.

Rice Bowl

Being a staple dish of Japan, Rice bowls are offered in a variety of styles which will cater the requirement of every customer. Our rice bowls are unique because of high quality rice and the ingredients that are used to make a perfect Donburi. Steamed with a lid, this dish incorporates the sauces and flavors that you are craving for.


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