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Hi, Dear Baobies, 

Yay ~ Our Fishtown Crossing Store is coming soon~!

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11/28/ 2023



, It's the Simple Pleasures in Life

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At NINJABAO, you will have the most sourced-delicious menu items that will be the perfect fit for taste buds. We present to you with our unique selection of Asian traditional buns. Think it as our version of a sandwich. Instead of using baking technique for bread, we stuff the dough with seasoned premium meat and vegetables and steamed them, and they are all handcrafted. You will also find ramen, pot-sticker and rice bowl on our regular menu here.  Our aid is to offer you delicious and healthy food.

In this time of the pandemic, we are serving customers by following the standards and regulations laid down by the authorities. We have implemented additional and rigorous health and safety measures to address COVID-19. Health and safety measures are strictly followed.  Our staff are required to wear face mask, wash their hands at least once every hour, and change gloves on a regular basis.

When a customer places an order with NINJABAO, they will be served delivered fresh and tasty food. Similar to that of customers, we are also concerned with the health and safety of our staff and workers and to this aspect; we are not handling in cash instead of other payment options like GrubHub, UberEats, Ritual and DoorDash

Fresh From the Steamer to Your Doorstep



Ramen Bowl


Asia Top Snacks


Bubble Tea

Jump Start Your Day with a Delicious Bao

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